Thursday, October 30, 2008

Here you see Jessica with her arm over Breanna, they look like they love each other. Don't let this picture fool you, they fight like cats and dogs. I can't wait to show them this picture in the morning. They look so cute.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Steve took these pictures of the girls playing in the leaves. You see Eryn, Jessica, Breanna and our neighbor Ally. They were having a blast making piles and jumping into them. Breanna started guarding her pile and would not let anyone around. I guess the youngest will always have to fight for what she wants with her older sisters.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Check out Steve, he was trying on Halloween costumes too. He will kill me when he see this post. See what we live with. LOL
Madison wants a bug like this for her car when she is 16 years old. I am so mean, I took a picture of this car and told her when she got home from school she would see this in our driveway. Well of course its not in our driveway, like we bought a car for her now when she just turned 15 years old. Silly girl. I enjoy driving her crazy. She probably tells all her friends I am really mean. LOL Could that be why she never hangs out with us.
Here are the 3 pumpkins. They did such a good job.
Breanna with her monster pumpkin. At least they all wanted different pumpkins.

Here is Eryn's vampire pumpkin. I think she knows I have been reading the Twilight series so she wanted to make her pumpkin a vampire.

Jessica looks like she has straw for legs.

Last Saturday we went to the apple orchard. Indiana University at Kokomo's Student council was hosting a scarecrow making fundraiser. We had so much fun making the adult size scarecrows. After we got done with them we wondered how we would get them home. Of course we had to make 3 of them. For some odd reason I did not take any pictures of the finished product. We have them sitting outside at home so I will take pictures and post them soon. We also went and picked apples, the girls all had their own bag. They enjoyed it soooo much. They did not want to share with anyone. I sure hope they don't eat all those apples too close together.
I know No pictures of Madison. Well like always she is not with us but someone else. We are not cool. She is starting basketball soon, I will have pictures then.

We decided not to carve pumpkins this year and to buy the potato head pieces. I think the girls liked this more. Jessica has a princess pumpkin. She is our princess.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Here is Jessica, she was a character off of High School Musical. You would not believe how long it takes my girls to pick out a Halloween Costume. It is such a big decision.
Here is Breanna the Pink Kitty Cat as she was telling everyone.

Here is a picture of them getting treats, so far no tricks. LOL

It was trick or treating at the campground Saturday evening. Here is the gang. From left to right Breanna, Averi(church friend) Kendell(Church and school friend) Jessica, Emma(Church Friend), Gabby(Church Friend), Olivia(Church and school Friend) and Eryn. Aren't they all so cute. Kendell, Jessica, Olivia and Eryn are all in first grade. Olivia and Eryn have the same teacher and Kendell and Jessica have the same teacher. Breanna and Averi are the same age, they will start school in two years. Missing from the picture was Luke, the only boy and he refused to get in the picture. He was a pirate.
We went camping this weekend and here is a picture of Jessica eating popcorn. Valerie is someone Steve worked with at the hospital and they had a popcorn machine at their site. We went there a lot. No Jessica was not drinking the beer.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

This was the best picture I could get of Jack but Breanna decided he needed some more color and used permanent purple marker on him. I know I was not doing a very good job watching her while she was working on a craft. I was putting groceries away and she was being good who thought she would color her poor dog.

This is Jack Jack our shi-zu dog and Eryn's cat Pedro. We thought it was funny they were laying together. Pedro only likes Eryn and hates both dogs but I guess he decided to cuddle up with Jack.