Sunday, October 12, 2008

It was trick or treating at the campground Saturday evening. Here is the gang. From left to right Breanna, Averi(church friend) Kendell(Church and school friend) Jessica, Emma(Church Friend), Gabby(Church Friend), Olivia(Church and school Friend) and Eryn. Aren't they all so cute. Kendell, Jessica, Olivia and Eryn are all in first grade. Olivia and Eryn have the same teacher and Kendell and Jessica have the same teacher. Breanna and Averi are the same age, they will start school in two years. Missing from the picture was Luke, the only boy and he refused to get in the picture. He was a pirate.

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pchutsell said...

Yes the girls look very cute! They are growing way to fast. Love to all, Aunt vickie