Sunday, November 2, 2008

Eryn and Jessica had their 50's day party last Monday. I could not get a picture of Jessica she refused. I wanted all 3 of us to get a picture together since we all had on matching skirts. Thanks to grandma Mary for making them all. I got pictures of Eryn and her friend Olivia. Aren't they so cute.
I actually lost the mother of the year award that day. I am Eryn's room mother and organized parents to come in and help. I was suppose to be there at 1pm. As everyone knows I work nights on Sunday night. I got off work on Monday morning, rushed home and had my alarm set for 11:45am. For some reason I roll over and look at the clock and it said 1:30pm. I looked again just to make sure I did not misread the clock. I almost started crying. I hurried and got ready and was there by 2:00pm. Just an hour late. Note to self do not commit to helping after you have worked 12 hours. By the way I worked the Thursday night before and did grandparents day on Friday. That time I went straight to grandparents day and did not sleep until later. That was a bad idea too.

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Kimber said...

Oh that really stinks. I definitely would have cried.